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CU Cloudbond provides one-stop cloud access, multi-cloud and multi-point networking solutions for enterprise and carrier customers, based on SDN technology to solve the cross-cloud communication problem in different regions and network environments.

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Applicable Scenario:
Cloud Access-Fast cloud resource access
To establish connection between offices and public cloud
To establish connection between offices and private cloud colocated in IDC
Multi-Cloud Connectivity-connect between different Cloud, different Region
Multi-Cloud connection for cloud backup(DR) or cross-provider connection
Cross-border cloud connection(China and abroad) and between different cloud environment

Product Benefits

Global-China Cloud and Sites Interconnection

With abundant China local resources and global coverage, our Cloud bond service provides a direct and compliant connection to major cloud providers globally and supports global-china non-cloud sites interconnection.

Pay-on-demand, cost-effective

Flexible cloud bandwidth adjustment with daily billing to meet burst traffic demand at a reduced cost.

Prompt delivery in a blink

Our existing high bandwidth connection with multi-cloud providers to guarantee cloud connection in a blink.

Private Link to the Cloud

Our Cloud bond service uses a private network for access to the cloud instead of the internet to isolates different customer data and provides high safety and security.

High Availability & Reliability

The dual-plane structured Cloud bond network ensures high redundancy in data transmission while offers low latency and jitter. 3-levelled QoS to differentiate customer data of different importance to guarantee prioritized data flow.

Flexible Multipoint Topology

Best suit for a mix of cloud and physical sites. Supports multiple-site topology of point-to-point, star, full mesh, and hybrid networking. Network structure can be easily modified and sites can be added or removed with ease.

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