Unified Communications Provider for Logistics Industry

A key component of modern logistics is harnessing the power of the Internet. At China Unicom, we understand the evolving needs of logistics companies, striving to create convenience, global linkage, and efficient logistics management.

Our customised comprehensive ICT solutions, including data centre construction, wireless coverage, smart monitoring, robotics, integrated wiring, and WMS systems, are designed to propel the logistics and warehousing industry into the future.

Find out how China Unicom's unified communications services can revolutionise your logistics operations, ensuring seamless connectivity and enhanced efficiency at every step of the supply chain.

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Benefits of Choosing China Unicom’s Unified Business Communications Services

Smart Campus Solutions

China Unicom's smart campus solutions empower customers to centralise site management, boosting efficiency and reducing costs in the logistics industry.

Global Network Coverage

Benefit from extensive global network coverage with China Unicom's vast resources of submarine and terrestrial cables, supporting agile delivery.

Data Center and Cloud Options

China Unicom offers a wide range of options with extensive data centre and public cloud resources, ensuring adaptability in logistics operations.

One-Stop IT Service

Experience hassle-free one-stop IT service with a local expert team, simplifying logistics technology management and support.

Compliance Consulting Service

China Unicom provides professional local compliance consulting services to ensure logistics businesses adhere to regulations and navigate complex compliance issues.

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